Guidelines To Become An Instructor

The following are Content Quality Guide and Monetization Terms
For Instructors

Video Quality

To become an instructor you must ensure that your videos are shot in high quality.

The sound must be perfect.
Only Landscape orientation will be approved.


Please try as much as you can to publish your own content in your own words.
Try to avoid plagiarism as much as you can.
Your links must be to the right resources.


Be careful of copyrighted images.
No use of nude or thought-provoking images.
Publish clearer images (No blur images, here).


Feel free to link to your social handle for 1-1 services, etc.
Don’t SCAM any student.
Charge fairly.

Registration Fee

If you intend to become an instructor with us, you are to register with the sum of ₦20,000 only.

Upon successful registration, you’ll get access to your personal dashboard where you can publish your course for students to enroll.

There’s also a ₦10,000 yearly maintenance fee from every instructor

You’ll shoot your course introductory video with our branded polo. Other videos can be shot with your own customized or branded polo.

Based on your skill/expertise, you can create as many courses as you want but not more than 5 courses.

We have the right to take down your course(s) without refund if they’re misleading and do not touch our 3-focus areas; Skill Discovery, Skill Development, and Skill Monetization.

With all of the above in mind, kindly click the button below to proceed with payments. You can also contact us directly for manual registration.

Want To Become An Instructor?